Vox Antiqua

Vox Antiqua is one of the best renowned Norwegian groups of medieval music. The repertoire of the group spans the period (ca) 1000 to 1450, presenting both religious and secular music programmes, covering the whole of Europe, and always spiced with some background comments to put the pieces into perspective.

The instruments used are copies of medieval original ones and the group’s performances are based on thorough studies of the available sources, combined with their own imagination and intuition. Ever since 85, they have held a series of summer concerts on the island of Hovedøya in the bay of Oslo, supported by the city’s council.

They have had numerous different performances at the University of Oslo’s public manifestations with focus on the middle ages, as well as an educational TV series on the same subject. The group has held numerous other concerts, TV and radio appearances, as well as tours in several parts of Norway.

In 2000 they launched a CD of medieval love songs, Ahi! Amours.

In 2004 they had a concert tour in Poland and during the autumn of the same year they were invited to the international music festival “meres mousikis” in the medieval town of Rhodes, Greece.

In 2008 they launched a CD comprising of a selection of medieval Marian Songs MARIAM MATREM (Bergen Digital Studio, distributed by Musikkoperatørene as)(Cantigas de Santa Maria, Llibre vermeil, Laude, Hildegard von Bingen, m.fl.).

Singer Marilena Zlatanou and lutenist Vegard Lund who are the group’s permanent members, both have a solid musical education in addition to many years of research on and practice of medieval music on their merit. When needed on different projects, they collaborate with other medieval music specialists.