Compositions & Arrangements

All are registered and available through The Norwegian National Library:
NB noter/Musikk/Nasjonalbiblioteket
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In the following catalogue the duration of the compositions is given in parentheses right after the title.
A few pieces are notated twice due to their fitness to be included in two different categories.
Compositions marked * are vocal  


 VOCAL, IN GREEK or based on GREEK MUSIC tradition

  • * FIVE KAVAFIS POEMS. (ca 26’) A selection of 5 poems of the famous and loved Greek poet Konstantinos Kavafis (Κωσταντίνος Καβάφης)
    Ιθάκη(Ithaki), Η πόλις (I polis), Οι τοίχοι (I tihi), Τα παράθυρα (ta parathyra), ‘Οσο μπορείς (oso boris). In 2 versions:
    1. SATB choir a cappella in the original GREEK language
    Premiere: 4.11.2007
    2. SATB choir with strings (or piano) the original GREEK language, with an extra instrumental movement halfway through.
    Premiere: 20.9.2009, Performances: 21.3.2010, 15.5.2010, 18.5.2010, 14.4.2012, 24.6.2012, 26.6.2012, 9.11.2012, 2.6.2013, 25.6.2014, 27.6.2014, 22.6.2016, 23.6.2016, 24.6.2016, 1.4.2017, 18.6.2018, 19.6.2018, 14.9.2018, 18.1.2020
  • ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΑ – AFRODITA (ca 13’) A Song-Cycle forMezzo-soprano soloist and Women’s Vocal Ensemble / Choir, a cappella, on poetry by ancient Greek poet SAPPHO (Σαπφώ). 3 movements: 
    Hymn to Aphrodite, 2. fragments-nature, 3. fragments-love.

     Premiere 1st mov.: 31.3.2009, Performances:4.9.2010, 10.10.2011, 26.1.2017
    A cantata for one singer, SATB choir, strings and one percussionist, 
    written for the Celebration of the Centenary of the liberation from the Ottoman Rule of Thessaloniki, Greece. In this cantata there are musical elements from the whole of the city’s long history in an effort to depict musically both the turbulent past and the hope for the future.
    Premiere: 22.9.2012, Performances: 23.9.2012, (Norway), 29.4.2013 in Thessaloniki, Greece (Hellas).
  • GREEK SUITE FOR STRINGS (ca 14’25’’) for string orchestra based on 9 traditional folk-songs and -dances from Greece.
    Premiere: 15.03.2015, Oslo, Norway, Performance: Bari, Italy, 8.3.2016
  • GREEK SUITE FOR PIANO (ca 14’25’’) The above, arranged for piano solo
    Premiere: 21.1.2018
  • A FANTASY OVER PENDOZALI, (ca 3’), for 4 hands, one Piano. Inspired by PENDOZALI (ελλ.: ΠΕΝΤΟΖΑΛΙ), the folk dance from Crete, Greece:
  • * MEGALINI (ca 15’25’’) for SATB choir and piano. This is the well-known musical form of a MAGNIFICAT (Luc. 1:46 – 55), in the original, Greek language. Five movements.
    Premiere: 8.12.19, Performances: 18:12. 2019, 18.1. 2020
  • * EKLISIES (ca 12’30’’) for SATB choir and piano, on a selection of 86, out of more than 1200 existing, Greek Orthodox church names of St. Mary, or Panajia, as she is referred to in Greek.
    First Prize in  the XVII international Composition Competition, Belgrade, Serbia, 2020
  • * I MAKARISMI (The Beatitudes) (11’15’’) for SATB choir and Strings.
    Text: Math. 5, 9 in the original, Greek language.
  • APOLLO AND ARTEMIS, (ca 5’), for two violins
  • TRIO (ca 5’07’’) for violin, alto saxophone and piano, partly containing a free arrangement of a Cypriot folk-song.
    TRIO (ca 5’07’’) for violin, B clarinet and piano (same as above, adjusted for B cl.)
  • * SAPPHO’S POETRY FRAGMENTS, (duration: 5’10’’) for SSAA a cappella choir / vocal ensemble. On fragments of poetry by ancient Greek poet Sappho
    Premiere: 15. 09. 2022, Krona, Kongsberg by ACTA MUSICAE, dir.: Liv Hukkelberg, silver medalist of the international choir festival 2022 in Kalamata, Hellas.


  • * THE ISLES OF GREECE, (ca 5’50’’) for SATB choir and piano, on the poem of the same name by Lord Byron, where he expresses his despair at the condition of the Greeks under Ottoman rule. He wholeheartedly supported the Greeks’ fight for liberation both financially and spiritually.
    Premiere 15.05.2022, Oslo, Norway, 22.05. Tripolis, Greece, 23.05. 2022, Nafplio, Greece


  • * EGEERHAVET (ca 20’) A Song-cycle for SATB choir and piano on five poems by Norwegian poet Andrè Bjerke – A musical comment by a Greek in Norway on a  Norwegian’s impressions of Greece…
    Kveld I landsbyen, 2. Grekernes ord, 3. Eselskriket, 4. Regnbuestrand, 5. Nordmenn i Hellas
    Premiere: 1.3. 2015 Performances: 15.3.2015, 1.4. 2017


  • * FIVE KAVAFIS POEMS. (ca 26’) A selection of 5 poems of  Greek poet Konstantinos Kavafis (Κωσταντίνος Καβάφης), in versions:
    1. SATB choir a cappella in ENGLISH translation:
    Ithaca, the City, The walls, The Windows, As much as you can
    2SATB choir with strings (or piano) acc. in ENGLISH translation and with an extra instrumental movement halfway through.
  • * BUT WE LIVE (ca 40’) for solo voice, solo viola, SATB choir, SAB chamber choir, string orchestra and one percussionist– A secular cantata in authorized English translation, based on seven poems by the Norwegian poet Rolf Jacobsen.
    Nine movements: It is blue, 2. Hush, 3. Fresh water, 4. 5. Dream ocean, 6. Someone, 7. Wait for me, 8. Your Thoughts, 9. But we live
  • * THE ISLES OF GREECE, (ca 5’50’’) for SATB choir and piano, on the poem of the same name by Lord Byron where he expresses his despair at the condition of the Greeks under Ottoman rule. He wholeheartedly supported the Greeks’ fight for liberation both financially and spiritually.
    Premiere 15.05.2022, Oslo, Norway, framf.: 22. 05,2022, 23.o5.2022, Tripolis and Nafplio, Greece
  • * TIME AND EARTH, (ca 6’10’’) for SSAA ensemble / choir. A musical contemplation on the subjects of Time and Earth, on texts by Charles Dickens, Ecclesiastes, Shakespeare, Emerson, Keats and M. Zlatanou
    Premiere: Genova, Italy, 06. 2020
  • * WATER (ca 4’45’’) for SATB choir and strings – A musical contemplation on Water, on a selection of texts by Fukuda Chivo-ni, Buson, Henry W. Longfellow, M. J. Rumi and E. Dickinson
  • * THREE TEXTS BY GEORGE ELIOT (ca 13’40’’) for SATB choir and Strings:
    1. Count that day Lost, 2. Sweet endings, 3. It is Never Too Late
    Premiere: 22.10. 2017
  • * THREE POEMS BY EMILY DICKINSON (ca 6’) for SATB choir a cappella:
    1. I’m Nobody, 2. Compensation, 3. Hope
  • * ON HUMAN RIGHTS (1) (ca 6’) for SATB choir and piano, written for The UN celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    The text used (in English) are six international famous quotations on the subject of Human Rights by, among others, Chief Joseph, K. Gibran, M. Wollstonecraft, S. de Beauvoir and Malala Yousafzai.
  • * ON HUMAN RIGHTS (2) (ca 10’) for SATB choir, Strings and one percussionist: The vocal part is identical with the one mentioned above but the composition is extended with instrumental parts.
  • * THE PROPHET (ca 65’) A Cantata for soprano (mezzo-soprano) and barytone soloists, SATB choir and Symphony Orchestra, on a selection of texts from THE PROPHET by Kahlil Gibran. A vocal score of the above is also available. The movements:
    1. Farewell, 2. Love, 3. Children, 4. Work, 5. Joy and Sorrow, 6. Life and death
  • * CHRISTMAS BELLS (ca 4’) for SATB a cappella choir, on 3 verses of the poem of the same name by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • * NIGHT AND DAY (26’30’’) for SATB choir and piano– A musical contemplation on the Moon, the Sun, the Planets and the Earth, on a selection of texts by L. M. Child, H. W. Longfellow, Sappho, Lady M.W. Montagu, W. de la Mar, A. Procter, A Hymn of Praise to Ra, R. L. Stevenson, I. Watts, K. Gibran, and M. Zlatanou.
  • * THE HEART OF A WOMAN, (3’35’’) for TTBB choir a cappella, on the poem by African-American poet and playwright Georgia Douglas Johnson.
    * THE HEART OF A WOMAN, (3’35’’) for SSAA choir a cappella (the same composition as the above-mentioned, transposed for SSAA choir)
  • * THE HEART OF A WOMAN, (3’20’’) for Mezzo-soprano and piano
  • * A LAMENT FOR UKRAINE, for SATB a cappella choir. On excerpts of poetry by Lesya Ukrainka in English translation. (Duration: 4’)
  • *FOUR EMILY DICKINSON POEMS for solo voice and piano
    1. I’ m nobody (dur.: 1’25”), 2. If I can stop one heart form breaking (dur.: 2′), 3. Compensation (dur.: 2’22”), Hope (dur.: 2′ 50”)
  • *HOPE a Song-cycle on 4 Emily Dickinson Poems for voice and piano Duration: 13’ 20’’
  • *HAIL, HOLY MOTHER OF MERCY for SATB choir a cappella (the trad. Salve Regina text, in English translation) Duration: 5’ 10’’
  • *THREE WOMEN, for Mezzo-soprano solo.
    Two lyricists: Emily Dickinson and Georgia Douglas Johnson, and one composer (MZ)
    Duration: 7’45’’


  • * MEN VI LEVER (ca 40’) for solo voice, solo viola, SATB choir, SAB chamber choir, string orchestra and one percussionist. A secular cantata based on seven poems by the Norwegian poet Rolf Jacobsen. Nine movements:
    Den er blå, 2. hyss, 3. Ferskvann, 4. gjøglerne, 5. drømmehavet, 6. noen, 7. vent på meg, 8. dine tanker, 9. men vi lever
    Premiere:18.5.2009, Performances: 20.5.2009, 21.3.2010
  • * BREV – Letters (ca 20’) for childrens’ choir, strings, flutes, clarinets, horns, trombones, trumpets, guitars, bass, and percussion instruments 
    A commissioned suite of seven movements based on themes and texts given by “kulturskole” pupils for all the available instruments at the Municipal Music School in Nesodden, Norway. .
    Seven movements: 1.Invitasjon, 2. Om alt mulig, 2. Det hemmelige, 4. Det rasende, 5. Det våte, 6. Kjære deg, 7. Tull og tøys
    Premiere: 23.4.2009
  • * DE FIRE ELEMENTENEThe Four Elements– fire, water, air, earth (ca 26’) for children’s’ choir, wind, brass, strings and percussion –
    A suite of four movements for all the available instruments at the Municipal Culture/Music School in Nesodden, Norway, commissioned by the Municipality and performed by the pupils of the school.
    Premiere: 11.4.2010 
  • * STJERNESTØV – Stardust (ca 20’) for SATB choir and strings– A commissioned cantata on a text by Odd Lindbråten, written for the inauguration of the new building of Steinerskolen I Moss.
    Premiere: 26.09.2013
  • FRA IBSEN TIL GRIEG – from Ibsen to Grieg (ca 2’40’’) for SATB choir a cappella. The text is a short poem sent to Edvard Grieg by Henrik Ibsen, referring to the power of music.
  • * LENGSLER – longings (ca 7’30’’) for solo voice, violin and piano – A Song Cycle on 3 poems by Norwegian poet Inger Hagerup:
    Jeg er det dikt, 2. Reaksjon, 3. Den nye dag
    Premiere: 10.11.2019
  • * PARVULUS NOBIS NASCITUR (ca 15’30’’) for SATB choir and strings +/ organ acc. – A suite based on six old Christmas songs, 4 in Latin and 2 in Norwegian, arranged as an entity.
    Premiere: 21.11.2009, Performances: 18.12.2009, 16.12.2010, 17.12.2010, 19.12.2010, 20.12.2011, 4.12. 2016, 16.12. 2016, 18.12. 2016, 8.12.2019, 18.12.2019
  • * EGEERHAVET (ca 20’)for SATB choir and piano – A Song-cycle on five poems by Norwegian poet Andrè Bjerke – A musical comment by a Greek in Norway on a  Norwegian’s impressions of Greece…
    1. Kveld I landsbyen, 2. Grekernes ord, 3. Eselskriket, 4. Regnbuestrand, 5. Nordmenn i Hellas
    Premiere: 1.3.2015, Performances: 15.03.2015, 1.4. 2017


  • * ALTERNATIVE MASS(ca 20’) for SATB choir a cappella. A six-movement composition following the structure of a proper mass, but with either short fragments of the assigned text, or alternative Bible text:
    1. Eleison, 2. Gloria, 3. On love, 4. Pleni sunt celi, 5. Dona nobis pacem
    Premiere: 4.9.2011
    As an introduction to this composition, a trombone quartet presents the musical material in one movement, which may also be performed independently, as a TROMBONE-MASS.
    Premiere: 21.3.2010
    The same introduction is available also for saxophone quartet and may also be performed independently as a SAXOPHONE-MASS.
    Premiere: 4.9.2011
  • * SALVE REGINA in A, (ca 5’40”) for SATB choir a cappella, on the traditional liturgical text
  • * SALVE REGINA for SATB choir and organ (ca 9’20”), on the traditional liturgical text
  • * MAGNIFICAT and NUNC DIMITTIS, (ca 13′ – respectively 8′ and 5′) for SATB choir and organ, in the official English translation of the well-known liturgical texts.
  • * PARVULUS NOBIS NASCITUR (ca 15’30’’) for SATB choir and strings +/ organ acc. A suite based on six old Christmas songs, 4 in Latin and 2 in Norwegian, arranged as an entity.
    Premiere: 21.11.2009, Performances: 18.12.2009, 16.12.2010, 17.12.2010, 19.12.2010, 20.12.2011, 4.12. 2016, 16.12. 2016, 18.12. 2016, 8.12.2019, 18.12.2019






Five and more

  • SALVE REGINA (6’) Quintet for flute, violin1, violin2, viola and violoncello
  • FANFARE FOR TANGENTEN (2’30’’) for Brass and Percussion – A commissioned fanfare written for the official inauguration of the new administrative Municipal building in Nesodden, Norway, bearing the same name.
    Premiere: 24.3.2012, Performance: 25.3.2012
  • A VOYAGE INVITATION (ca 11’30’’) for Piano and String Orchestra
    Premiere: 02.07.2017, Lisboa, Portugal
  • A VOYAGE INVITATION (ca 11’30’’) the above arranged for Quintet: Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Violoncello and Piano
  • FIVE SKETCHES for Wind intruments and Piano (7’) for Oboe, B Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon and Piano
    Premiere: 11.12.2018Performance: 8.3.2019.
    Included in CD by Italian ensemble CHAMINADE: THE OTHER SIDE OF MUSIC
  • NOLI ME TANGERE, dedicated to women who have been victims of gender-generated violence – 5 versions:
    For Cor Anglais, Violin, Viola and Violoncello (5’55’’)
    2. For Oboe, Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Piano 
    3. For B Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Piano (7’10’’)
    4. Concerto for Mandolin and String Orchestra (8’25)
    5. For Oboe, and Strings 
  • A DOUBLE BASS FOLLY, (8’) A Short Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra
  • A SONG OF PRAISE (11’30’’) for Symphony Orchestra
  • AN HOMAGE TO UKRAINE (6’40”) for Symphony Orchestra
  • NOX ET DIES (16’50’’) for String Orchestra
  • AN ECHO OF GREEK FOLK MUSIC for flute, B clarinet,viola, violoncello, harp and hand drum. Duration: 6’20’’
    Original music inspired by Greek folk-Music
  • HELP SAVE THEM, for string- and wood wind orchestra
    Duration: 4’35’’
  • A CRY FOR PEACE (Chamber music for flute, B Clarinet, piano, percussion, violin1 violin 2, viola, and violoncello
    Duration: 6’15’’






Drømmehavet (MEN VI LEVER):

Ferskvann (MEN VI LEVER):


Hymn to Afroditi (AFRODITA):

Dine tanker (MEN VI LEVER):


G. Fr. HANDEL: Dixit Dominus
(transposition down a minor third with a few necessary adjustments in the violin part of the first movement)

For SATB choir a cappella 

GEORG FRIEDRICH HANDEL: Passacaglia (from Harpsichord suite in G m, HWV 432)
GEORG FRIEDRICH HANDEL: Sarabande form from Suite for cembalo in Dm, HWV 437 (on “la Folia”)
JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH: Largo from cembalo concerto i F, BWV 1056
JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH: Air from Orchestra Suite nr. 3, BWV 1068
Vocal Canon in in G (original D)
GEORG FRIEDRICH HANDEL: Passacaglia for SATB choir a cappella


Gaudete (from PIAE CANTIONES)
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen (SATB choir a cappella, also for strings and piano)
Le triste ètat de cette pauvre ètable (SATB choir, strings/orgel)
Å skjønnest rose på vår jord (SATB choir, childrens choir, strings)
Mitt hjerte alltid vanker (SATB choir a cappella)
Angels from the Realms of Glory, (SATB choir a cappella, also with strings)
Amazing grace
(SA /SATB for strings and piano)
Mary’s Boy Child (for SSA, 3 flutes and guitar)
HANDEL: Joy to the World (3 trombones and one tuba)
PRAETORIUS: Es ist ein Ros entsprungen (3 trombones and one tuba)

JEAN PAUL MARTINI: Plaisir d’amour (SATB choir, strings)
ANON.: Bread and Roses (SATB choir a cappella)
EARL ROBINSON: Joe Hill (SATB choir a cappella)
GUNNAR NYBORG JENSEN: Se min kjole (SSAA choir/ vocal ensemble, a cappella)


For SATB choir a cappella
PAULINE HALL: Jag är ett träd, Let Us Cheer the Weary Traveler
AGATHE BACKER GRØNDAL: Fangens aftensang

Gje meg handa di, venn
Kom mai, du skjønne milde (Mozart)
Morning has broken
Slipp mine fløyter fri
Uti vår hage
Et knippe Norske folkesanger (siote av ti sanger til klaver akk.) 


Det lyser i stille grender
When you widh upon a star   


a cappella χορ. SATB
Ποταμός Ροθίων, PAP.OXY 1786
Θρήνος της Αλώσεως
Απολυτικιον Αγ. Δημητρίου
Η Παρθένος σήμερον
Απολυτικιον  Ευαγγελισμού
a cappella SATB choir
 PAP.OXY. 1786, Potamos rothion
 Thrinos tis Aloseos (Lament)
 St. Dimitrios Apolytikion
I Parthenos simeron (The Virgin Today)
Anunciation Apolytikion
 Μ Ι Κ Η Θ Ε Ο Δ Ω Ρ Α Κ Η 
Για χορωδία SATB
a cap.
 Ο Ήλιος και ο χρόνος
Τα κελλιά
Το σφαγείο
Κουβέντα μ’ ένα λουλούδι
Τη Ρωμιοσύνη μην την κλαίς
 Για χορωδία και πιάνο
 M I K I S  T H E O D O R A K I S 
For a cappella SATB choir

O Ilios ke o hronos (the Sun and Time)
Ta kelia (The Cells)
To sfagio (The Slaughter House)
Anavaftisi (Re-baptizing)
Kouvenda me ena louloudi (Chat With A Flower)
Karterema (Expectation)
Laos (the People)
Mnimosino (Memorial)
Avgi (Dawn)
Ti Romiosini min tin kles (Weep Not for Greek-ness) 

 For SATB choir and piano
 Apagogi ( The Kidnapping)
Myrtia (Myrt)
Μ Α Ν Ο Υ  Χ Α Τ Ζ Η Δ Α Κ Ι 
 Για χορ. SATB 
a cappella 
 Κάπου υπάρχει η αγάπη μου
Πάμε μια βόλτα στο φεγγάρι
Τώρα που πας στην ξενιτειά
Για χορωδία SATB, και πιάνο
 Μανούλα μου
Το φεγγάρι είναι κόκκινο
Χάρτινο το φεγγαράκι
 Για χορ.
SΑΤΒ και έγχορδα
 Είμαι αητός χωρίς φτερά
Θάλασσα πλατιά
Όνειρο παιδιών της γειτονιάς
Τα παιδία του Πειραιά
Το πέλαγο είναι βαθύ
 Για έγχορδα
 Το χαμόγελο της Τζοκόντας
 M A N O S  H A T Z I D A K I S
For a cappella SATB choir
 Kapo iparhi I agapi mou (My Love Exists Somewhere)
Pame mi avolta sto fengari (… A Walk On The Moon)
Tora pou pas stin xenitia (…You Are Leaving…) 

 For SATB choir and piano
 Manoula mou (My Sweet Mother)
To fengari ine kokono (The Moon is Red)
Hartino to fengaraki (Paper Moon)
 For SATB choir and Strings
 Ime aitos horis ftera (I Am an Eagle Without Wings)
Thalasa pltia (Wide Sea)
Oniro pedion tis gitonias (Childrens Dream)
Ta pedia tou Pirea (Pireus’ Children)
To pelago ine vathi (The Sea is Deep) 

 For Strings
 To hamogelo tis Giokondas (Giokondas Smile)
  Α Π Ο Σ Τ.  Κ Α Λ Δ Α Ρ Α
 (Μικρά Ασία)
SATB, έγχ. και πιάνο 
 Μες του Βοσπόρου τα στενά
Δυό παλληκάρια απ’ τ’ Αϊβαλί
Η Σμύρνη
Γιορτή Ζεϊμπέκηδων
Πέτρα πέτρα χτίσαμε
Τι να θυμηθώ…
Ο Μαρμαρωμένος βασιλιάς
 Για σολο τραγούδι και έγχ.
 Οι καμπάνες της Αγιά Σοφιάς
Το σπίτι μου το πατρικό
  A P O S T O L O S  K A L D A R A S 
 (Mikra Asia – Asia Minor) 

For SATB choir, Strings and Piano
 Mes tou Vosporou ta stena (I Vosporos’ Straits)
Dio palikaria ap t’Aivali (Two Lads from Aivali)
Prosfijia (Immigration)
I Smirni (Smyrna)
Giorti Zeibekidon (Zeibeker Fiest)
Petra Petra htisame (Stone Upon Stone We Built)
Ti na thimitho (What Shall I Remember…)
O Marmaromenos Vasilias (The Petrified King) 

 For Solo Voice and Strings
 I kambanes tils Agia Sofias (The Bells of Agia Sofia)
 To spiti mou to patriko (My father’s House)
 Μ Α Ν Ο Υ Λ Ο Ϊ Ζ Ο Υ 
 Για χορ., έγχορδα και πιάνο

 Καλημέρα Ήλιε 
 Για A cappella χορ. SATB
 Ο Δρόμος
 M A N O S  L O I Z O S 
 For SATB choir, Strings and Piano
 Kalimera ilie (Good Morning, Sun)
 For a cappella SATB choir
 O Dromos (The Street)
 Δ Η Μ Ω Δ Η
a cappella χορ. SATB 
Ελληνική σουίτα (7 τραγ.)
Σουίτα από κάλαντα (9 τραγ.)
Ελληνο/Νορβηγικό Κοντλιμπέ
Άρχοντες αγροικήσατε
Τζιβαέρι μου
Έχε γειά
γιαλό, γιαλό
Γιάννη μου το μαντήλι σου…
Κάτω στου Βάλτου
Παιδιά σαν θέλτε λεβεντιά
Στο ‘πα και στο ξαναλέω
Θαλασσάκι μου
Ο χορός ρτου Ζαλόγγου (ΣΣΑ)
Ο Διγενής (σολο τραγ. και πιάνο)
 For a cappella SATB choir 
Greek Suite (7 Songs from Macedonia, N. Greece)
 Suite of Kalanda (9 Christmas Songs)
Greek-Norwegian Quodlibet
Arhondes agrikisate (Gentry, Listen!)
Djivaeri mou (My Jewel)
Ehe gia (Farewell)
Gialo, gialo (Along The Shore)
Gianni mou … (Dear Gianni, …)
Kalamatianos (from Kalamata)
Karagouna (Karagouna)
Kato stou Valtou (Down by Valtos)
Lianohortaroudia (Small Grass)
Pedia san thelte (If You Want…)
sto pa ke sto xananleo (I Told You Again and Again)
Thalasaki mou (My Sweet Little Sea)
Zallongos dans (SSA)
O Digenis (O Digenis) solo MS+kl.
 Φ Ρ Α Ν Κ Ο  Κ Ο Ρ Λ Ι Α Ν Ο
  Άντρα μου πάει
  F R A N C O  C O R L I A N O
 Andra mo pai (My Husband Is Gone)